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The print edition of Abortion Review provides a quarterly summary of medical and abortion news, plus editorial commentary and a Clinical Update column by bpas’ medical director.

Use the links below to download the print edition in pdf format. You will need a pdf reader to view these files. The best known is Adobe Acrobat, which you can download here.

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Reproductive Review_Issue 1_Winter 2013

(38) Summer 2012 Britain’s abortion law: application and misinformation, by Jennie Bristow; Clinical Update: Clarifying the abortion law; News and medical digest, March-July 2012.

(37) Spring 2012 Abortion politics in Britain: The antis up the ante, by Jennie Bristow; Abortion for reason of sex, by Sally Sheldon; BPAS blog - Taking stock of the morning-after pill, by Clare Murphy; News and medical digest, November 2011-February 2012. 

(36) Winter 2011 Is abortion and contraception policy meeting women’s needs? by Jennie Bristow; Clinical Update: Feticide, by Patricia Lohr; BPAS blog: Anti-abortion protests, by Clare Murphy; News and Medical Digest, July-October 2011

(35) Summer 2011 Fetal anomaly and the distortion of the abortion debate, by Jennie Bristow; Termination of Pregnancy for Fetal Anomaly, by Jane Fisher; News and Medical Digest, March-June 2011

(34) Spring 2011 Our 10-year struggle to improve abortion care; Very early surgical abortion; Why abortion is not a mental health problem; News and medical digest, December 2010-February 2011

(33) Winter 2010 Abortion provision: building on the gains; The National Service Specification for Termination of Pregnancy Services; News and medical digest, August-November 2010

(32) Autumn 2010 Abortion and the ‘big questions’; Treatment of obese clients; News and medical digest, April-July 2010

(31) Summer 2010 ‘Extending parenting backwards’: new limitations on women’s autonomy; Home management of early medical abortion; News and medical digest, January-March 2010

(30) Winter 2010 Abortion doctors: credit where it’s due; Vacuum aspiration under local anaesthetic; News and medical digest, September-December 2009

(29) Autumn 2009 Population, the environment, and a woman’s right to choose; Reducing serious infection following early medical abortion; News and medical digest, May-August 2009

(28) Summer 2009 Will the global recession lead to a ‘baby bust’?; Vasectomy; What does CEDAW do?; Book review: Regulating Autonomy: Sex, Reproduction and Family

(27) Winter 2008/9 Emergency contraception: what it does and does not do; Clinical Update: Emergency contraception; The role of nurses in abortion services

(26) Autumn 2008 Prenatal testing and abortion for fetal abnormality; Debating abortion in a therapy culture; The Future of Abortion: summary of the bpas conference

(25) Summer 2008 Abortion in Britain: the debate must go on; Fetal pain and the politicisation of science; Late abortion

(24) Spring 2008 Abortion: a solution to a problem; Why don’t abortion rates decline?; Home use of misoprostol

(23) Winter 2007 Abortion law and clinical practice: the arguments for change; New publication: Abortion Law Reformers: Pioneers of Change; UN overview of world abortion policies

(22) Autumn 2007 Why not decriminalise abortion altogether?; The US Partial Birth Abortion Act: a blow for women’s autonomy and clinical judgement; The mental health ‘risks’ of abortion

(21) Summer 2007 Why do women have late abortions?; Immigration, Catholicism and abortion in the UK; Do ‘pre-prematurity survivors’ offer new evidence about fetal viability?

(20) Spring 2007 Forty years on: Why the abortion law still matters; Science, smiling fetuses and the abortion debate; Reducing unintended pregnancy in the United States

(19) Winter 2006 Confidentiality and child protection; The detection and management of ectopic pregnancy; Antenatal diagnosis and human rights

(18) Summer 2006 Increase in early medical abortion: a good news story; Abortion and breast cancer; Structured training for abortion care; Why abortion clinics won’t be building barricades

Abortion Review Special Editions

Winter 2010: A Moral Defence of Late Abortion

Papers from the BPAS conference, June 2008:


Other publications

  • Abortion Law Reformers: Pioneers of Change presents frank interviews with many of the campaigners, doctors and parliamentarians who brought the 1967 Abortion Act into being, providing an inspiring sense of the spirit in which the Act was conceived and thoughtful reflections on how well the law has worked subsequently. Published by BPAS, 2007.