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  17 June 2014

Commentary: Why the UK doesn’t need an abortion law at all

Joyce Arthur shares the experience of Canada, where abortion was decriminalised a quarter of a century ago. Read on...

  3 April 2013

The policing of abortion services in England

An excellent article by Sam Rowlands, Lead Clinician for the Contraception and Sexual Health Service at Dorset HealthCare, reviews the rationale for the Care Quality Commission ‘swoop’ of 2012, and its impact on the abortion service. Read on...

  21 March 2013

Commentary: ‘The new face of social conservatism in America’

An interesting piece by Tim Wigmore in the Daily Telegraph argues that 'there is an interesting juxtaposition in American social values today: while attitudes to gay marriage are being liberalised, states are also tightening anti-abortion restrictions'.
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31 January 2013

Abortion for fetal abnormality: We can trust women to make decisions that are right

The inquiry into abortion on the grounds of disability is seeking solutions to problems that don’t exist – and ignoring those problems that do, argues Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. Read on...
  31 January 2013

Commentary: What the Spanish abortion law has meant for European women

Dr Carlos Morín, the Barcelona abortion doctor facing a possible sentence of 273 years in prison for practising almost a hundred abortions, has been absolved of all charges. Jennie Bristow discusses the circumstances and broader implications of his trial. Read on...

  28 January 2013

Can you say breast isn’t (always) best?

‘I've been placed in the same camp as Holocaust deniers and advocates of cold fusion’: US academic Joan Wolf talks to Jennie Bristow about why advocates of the ‘Breast in Best’ message find her book so hard to swallow.
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16 January 2013

Comment: The hypocrisy of abortion policy - the lessons of Romania and Ireland

BPAS chief executive Ann Furedi writes in the Guardian. Read on...
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