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BPAS court challenge
  10 January 2012

Commentary: Is abortion and contraception policy meeting women’s needs?

By Jennie Bristow, Editor, Abortion Review. Read on...

22 November 2011

UK: Medical abortion and the ‘golden rule’ of statutory interpretation

This article reviews the case of BPAS v the Secretary of State for Health [2011] EWHC 235. From Medical Law Review. Read on...
1 June 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Giving Life a seat on the Sexual Health Forum is a bit like including Jehovah’s Witnesses on a panel to discuss blood-transfusion services, writes Ann Furedi, chief executive of bpas. Read on...
  8 March 2011

UK: Media fears about women buying abortion drugs online

Two national newspapers have this week reported concerns about the possibility of 'new backstreet abortions' provoked by the availability of misoprostol over the internet. Read on...

17 February 2011

Our 10-year struggle to improve abortion care

‘Not so much Yes Minister as The Thick of It…’ Ann Furedi, chief executive of BPAS, reports on her fight with health officials for sensible abortion services. Read on...
  17 February 2011

Comment: Abortion is quietly shoved off the agenda again

The High Court has quashed a practical way to protect women in need of an early termination. Ideology has trumped clinical need, writes Zoe Williams in the Guardian.
Read on...

  14 February 2011

UK: Legal challenge on home abortions rejected

BPAS responds to the High Court's rejection of its legal bid to allow women having an early medical abortion to take the second medication at home. Read on...

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