An update on issues relating to abortion,
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  24 February 2014

USA: Beyond abortion: why the personhood movement implicates reproductive choice

From American Journal of Law and Medicine. Read on...

  3 July 2013

UK: Leading ethicist argues against ban on sex selection in IVF

The current ban on parents selecting the sex of their embryo by using fertility treatment is not ethically justifiable, according to a review of the arguments by Professor Stephen Wilkinson and colleagues.
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  23 September 2012

Event: Abortion - a medical or a moral choice?

Senior politicians have recently cited 'the evidence' as their reason for wanting a lower time limit on abortion. But can science give us the answer to moral questions? BPAS is sponsoring this debate at the Battle of Ideas festival in London on Sunday 21 October. Read on...

20 September 2012

USA: Recognizing conscience in abortion provision

In the New England Journal of Medicine, Lisa H Harris writes, 'The exercise of conscience in health care is generally considered synonymous with refusal to participate in contested medical services, especially abortion. This depiction neglects the fact that the provision of abortion care is also conscience-based.' Read on...
  18 September 2012

Portugal: Brief notes on the surplus embryos

This paper aims to bring up questions about ‘one of the most delicate effects of IVF’. From Medical Law.
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  13 September 2012

UK: Abortion and regret

The article considers three theses about postabortion regret which seek to illustrate its pertinence to reasoning about abortion, and which are often deployed, either explicitly or implicitly, to dissuade women out of that reproductive choice. From Journal of Medical Ethics. Read on...

  3 September 2012

UK: Re-negotiating reproductive technologies : the ‘Public Foetus’ revisited

From Feminist Review. Read on...

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