An update on issues relating to abortion,
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Attitudes and beliefs
  10 December 2012

USA: Ruling in anti-abortion car licence-plate dispute

North Carolina cannot issue anti-abortion 'Choose Life' licence plates without offering drivers plates with other viewpoints, a federal has judged ruled. Read on...

  28 November 2012

USA: The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics

The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics, a new documentary-style film produced by Catholics for Choice, sets the record straight about Catholic social teaching on issues related to sex and sexuality. Read on...

  29 June 2012

USA: Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act

The US Supreme Court has voted by a 5-4 ruling that President Barack Obama's landmark healthcare reform act is constitutional.
Read on...

  31 May 2012

Commentary: The ‘gendercide’ crusade

Two US articles critically challenge the anti-abortion movement’s attempt to restrict women's choice by fuelling scares about 'sex selection' abortions. Read on...

  24 May 2012

USA: Gallup poll on abortion attitudes

According to a recent poll, four out of ten Americans identify themselves as 'pro-choice' on abortion, the lowest proportion in almost two decades. Read on...

25 April 2012

The public is being misled about pre-signed abortion certificates

Health secretary Andrew Lansley's attack on doctors pre-signing abortion certificates is both wrong in law and ignores the realities of medical life, writes Barbara Hewson in Solicitors Journal. Read on...
  1 March 2012

UK: Scottish midwives lose conscientious objection case

Two Roman Catholic midwives have lost a legal battle to avoid supervising staff taking part in abortion procedures, claiming that this violated their human rights. Read on...

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