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Mental health
  5 December 2013

Forced C-sections and stolen babies

The Alessandra Pacchieri case looks like the 'stuff of nightmares', but the problems it highlights are real. By Jennie Bristow. Read on...

  10 October 2012

USA: Psychological outcomes of medical versus surgical elective first trimester abortion

The authors found that overall, the majority of the studies demonstrated that psychological outcomes, specifically quality of life, anxiety and depression, are markedly improved following either method. From Nursing and Women’s Health.
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  13 September 2012

UK: Abortion and regret

The article considers three theses about postabortion regret which seek to illustrate its pertinence to reasoning about abortion, and which are often deployed, either explicitly or implicitly, to dissuade women out of that reproductive choice. From Journal of Medical Ethics. Read on...

  22 January 2012

UK: To meta-analyse or not to meta-analyse: abortion, birth and mental health

The authors argue that to further improve the mental health outcomes associated with an unwanted pregnancy we should focus practice and research on the individual needs of women with an unwanted pregnancy, rather than how the pregnancy is resolved. From British Journal of Psychiatry. Read on...

9 December 2011

UK: Systematic review of induced abortion and women’s mental health published

A major review into the mental health outcomes of induced abortion has been published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC) today. Read on...
  9 December 2011

Commentary: Abortion is not a mental health problem

A new review of the evidence finds no causal link between abortion and depression. Now can we move the discussion on? By Jennie Bristow.
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