An update on issues relating to abortion,
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Population debate
3 November 2011

World population reaches seven billion

The UN's 'seven billion people' estimate has provoked a wave of global commentary, before and after the event. Read on...
  10 October 2011

UK: World population nearing seven billion

The Times (London) carries an interesting set of articles on the ‘overpopulation’ question. Read on...

  6 April 2011

UK: TV wildlife presenter calls for family size limitation

Chris Packham, the presenter of Autumnwatch and Springwatch, has called for parents to have fewer children - saying smaller families should be rewarded with tax breaks. Read on...

  3 January 2011

UK: Foreign aid strategy highlights abortion

The coalition government will put contraception and safe abortion at the heart of its efforts to help save women's lives in poor countries, it said in December. Read on...

2 November 2010

Debating conscience, control, and choice

BPAS hosted four public debates engaging with key ethical issues: the value of life, conscientious objection, selective reproduction, and population control. Jennie Bristow reports.
Read on...
  2 November 2010

The great population debate: too many carbon footprints?

Brendan O'Neill's speech from the Battle of Ideas. Read on...

  20 October 2010

UK: Too many carbon footprints?

In the run-up to a BPAS-sponsored debate on population, wildlife experts and GPs have called for the need for British couples to limit the size of their familes, while commentators criticise explicit and subtle methods of population control. Read on...

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