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UK abortion law
  13 July 2012

UK: ‘Lansley raid’ on abortion clinics finds high standard of compliance

The Care Quality Commission's inspection of 249 clinics found just 14 instances of the 'pre-signing' of abortion forms in NHS clincs, and no evidence of substandard care. Read on...

  3 July 2012

The British abortion law: Challenging current myths and misconceptions

On 27 June 2012, a meeting of doctors, lawyers and academics was held in London to clarify the legal position of current clinical practice in Britain’s abortion service. This article lays out the key arguments. Read on...

28 May 2012

Myths and Misconceptions about the British Abortion Law

A meeting about recent events and debates, organised by Pro Choice Forum in London on 27 June 2012. Read on...
25 April 2012

The public is being misled about pre-signed abortion certificates

Health secretary Andrew Lansley's attack on doctors pre-signing abortion certificates is both wrong in law and ignores the realities of medical life, writes Barbara Hewson in Solicitors Journal. Read on...
  29 March 2012

Concerns about public discussion on abortion provision

A letter to the Guardian on 29 March, signed by senior clinicians and academics involved in abortion care and research, argues that 'there appears to be determined effort by some politicians and sections of the media to present a profoundly misleading picture of how abortion provision works, the nature of the law as it stands, and the experiences of women.' Read on...

  22 March 2012

Commentary: The Abortion Act’s paternalism belongs to the 1960s

Women, not doctors, should decide whether they need an abortion, writes Sally Sheldon in the Guardian. Read on...

  1 March 2012

UK: Scottish midwives lose conscientious objection case

Two Roman Catholic midwives have lost a legal battle to avoid supervising staff taking part in abortion procedures, claiming that this violated their human rights. Read on...

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