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  7 October 2015

Policing Pregnancy

A one-day conference on maternal autonomy, risk and responsibility, organised jointly by BPAS, the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies, and Birthrights. Royal College of Physicians, London; Wednesday 13 April 2016. Read on...

  21 January 2015

Event: Decriminalisation and demedicalisation - Rethinking family planning for the 21st century

London, Wednesday 10 June 2015. A joint conference hosted by BPAS and the Royal Society of Medicine's Sexuality and Sexual Health Section. Read on...

  16 June 2014

Event: Childbirth and the New Dad

An evening seminar in London on 1 July 2014, discussing how expectations of fathers’ involvement in childbirth have changed. Organised by BPAS with speakers from the History and Policy Forum on Parenting. Read on...

  12 March 2013

Event: Reforming abortion law - Comparative Perspectives

This event will mark the launch of the Gender, Law and Sexuality (GLAS) research initiative in the Faculty of Law, University College Cork. This initiative supports collaborative and interdisciplinary research in UCC Law including in fields of human rights law, health and medical law, employment law, migration and refugee law, criminal justice and family law. Read on...

  30 January 2013

Event: Finding comfort in darkness

Join professional storyteller Vanessa Woolf and musician Nigel of Bermondsey for an evening of storytelling and open discussion about abortion, control and the human female body and soul, at the Grant Museum of Zoology, London, on Tuesday 5 March at 7.30pm. Read on...

3 January 2013

Event report: Current issues in sexual and reproductive health and abortion care

This conference, organised by BPAS and the Margaret Pyke Trust, discussed post-abortion contraception and care in general practice, the GP’s role in pre-abortion counselling, and the safety and efficacy of contraception in obese women. Read on...
  20 December 2012

Event: Fertility Treatment: A Life-Changing Event?

The Progress Educational Trust’s annual conference discussed the impact of policy, stress, nutrition, age and ‘bad habits’ on the success of fertility treatment. Jennie Bristow reports. Read on...

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