An update on issues relating to abortion,
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Statistics and policy
26 February 2013

UK: Statistics show increase in conceptions to over-40s

The Office for National Statistics data reveal some interesting trends since 1991. Read on...
  27 January 2013

UK: Whither abortion policy in Britain?

This commentary by Dr Ellie Lee, in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, is accompanied with an audio interview discussing the current situation regarding government policy on abortion in Britain. Read on...

  14 January 2013

UK: Official response to the campaign about abortion counselling

The Department of Health has published a statement on the abortion counselling consultation. Read on...

24 December 2012

UK: Cross-party inquiry into unplanned pregnancy publishes findings

The report of the Amber Rudd inquiry places particular emphasis on sex and relationships education in schools. Read on...
  3 October 2012

USA: Estimated pregnancy rates and rates of pregnancy outcomes, 1990-2008

These statistics show that pregnancy rates for women in their early 20s declined to the lowest level in more than three decades, and rates for women in their 30s and early 40s increased. From National Vital Statistics Reports. Read on...

  2 October 2012

USA: Why is the teen birth rate in the United States so high and why does it matter?

The authors find that teen childbearing is explained by a low economic trajectory, but teen birth itself does not appear to have much direct economic consequence; moreover, no silver bullet such as expanding access to contraception or abstinence education will solve this particular social problem. From Journal of Economic Perspectives. Read on...

  14 June 2012

Abortion and the thirty-something woman

Women in their early thirties are having both more babies and more abortions. How do we account for this shift? By Jennie Bristow. Read on...

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