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Drinking in pregnancy

8 December 2014

UK: Drinking in pregnancy not a crime, court rules

A child born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is not legally entitled to compensation after her mother drank excessively while pregnant, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

5 November 2014

UK: Why pregnant women’s drinking should not be a criminal offence

A court case being heard on criminal injuries compensation for a child whose mother drank during pregnancy could pave the way to the criminalisation of pregnant women's behaviour, warn two charities intervening in the case.

8 October 2014

UK: Drinking abstinence advice prompting women to seek abortion

'Scare stories' about binge drinking while pregnant are driving women to request abortions for fear they might have caused their babies harm, British Pregnancy Advisory Service has warned.

28 July 2014

UK: Charities intervene in court case to defend pregnant women’s freedom

An unprecedented hearing to decide whether a child whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy should receive compensation could criminalise pregnant women's behaviour, claim BPAS and Birthrights.

20 May 2014

UK: Girl awarded compensation after mother drank heavily in pregnancy

A 16-year-old girl has been awarded £500,000 in criminal injuries compensation for severe brain damage she 'sustained in the womb as a result of her mother drinking alcohol,' the Sunday Times reports.

22 April 2014

Australia: Challenge to official guidelines on light drinking in pregnancy

A leading pharmacist has warned that some women will consider terminations due to unwarranted fears about the health of their fetuses.

3 April 2014

Supporting women’s pregnancy choices, trusting women to decide

The woman should be at the heart of discussions about abortion, pregnancy and birth. By Jennie Bristow.

11 March 2014

UK: Another study on drinking in pregnancy

A study by researchers in Leeds claims that even moderate drinking during the earliest months of pregnancy may be damaging.

5 February 2014

Analysis: Drinking in pregnancy – what do we know?

Health professionals and policymakers are drawing increasing attention to women’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy: to the point where women who are pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant, are officially advised to abstain from alcohol altogether. But how much do we know about the effects of alcohol upon the developing fetus? And does this justify the current guidance?

19 June 2013

Event report: Abortion, motherhood and the medical profession

The conference ‘Abortion, motherhood and the medical profession’, jointly organised by the Royal Society of Medicine’s Sexuality and Sexual Health Section and British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) on 12 June 2013, aimed to move the discussion of abortion care forward by situating it within the range of reproductive issues and experiences that women may have.

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