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16 June 2014

Event: Childbirth and the New Dad

An evening seminar in London on 1 July 2014, discussing how expectations of fathers’ involvement in childbirth have changed. Organised by BPAS with speakers from the History and Policy Forum on Parenting.

7 January 2014

UK: No ‘golden age’ of breastfeeding

As Liberal Democrat equalities minister Jo Swinson challenges the obsession with breastfeeding, a thoughtful article on BBC Online looks at the history of the practice.

11 September 2013

UK: Baby weight charts skewed to promote breastfeeding

Hundreds of thousands of children are misleadingly classed as fat under official measures of growth, experts say.

2 April 2013

The politics of childbirth

Jennie Bristow reviews the historical controversy surrounding the decision over where, and how, it is best to give birth.

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