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3 December 2014

Whose choice in childbirth?

Recommendations by the new NICE guidance on intrapartum care seem to reflect the choices desired by policymakers more than those actually made by women. By Jennie Bristow.

12 March 2014

UK: Study claims to show cost of obesity in pregnancy

Pregnant women who are obese can cost the NHS over a third more than women of healthy weight, a Swansea University study claims.

6 January 2014

UK: Increased maternal age causing problems for midwives, says RCM

Older, more overweight mothers are placing an increased strain on midwives who believe they are already conducting close to 130,000 deliveries a year for which they do not have sufficient resources, the Royal College of Midwives has said.

2 April 2013

The politics of childbirth

Jennie Bristow reviews the historical controversy surrounding the decision over where, and how, it is best to give birth.

13 March 2013

Ireland: Woman consents to C-section after case comes to court

A hospital on 10 March made an emergency application to the High Court to compel a pregnant woman to undergo a caesarean section.

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