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14 May 2014

UK: Fertility misconceptions leading to unwanted pregnancies among older women

Messages about the difficulties older women may face conceiving are leading to unwanted pregnancies among this age group, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service warns.

14 May 2014

UK: Draft guidance on childbirth published

The draft guidance, issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), states that first time mothers should plan to give birth in a midwife only unit, which may be alongside a hospital labour ward with doctors or on a separate site.

12 May 2014

UK: Academic questions the ‘normal birth’ ideal

Writing on BBC News Online, Alison Phipps, director of gender studies at Sussex University, suggests women are coming under undue pressure to conform to 'natural motherhood', deemed the 'ultimate feminine achievement'.

29 April 2014

UK: RCOG president talks sense on delayed fertility

The shift towards older motherhood is irreversible and it is pointless to warn women to have their children by the age of 35 or risk their babies suffering a range of medical problems, says Dr David Richmond, Britain's top maternity doctor.

22 April 2014

Australia: Challenge to official guidelines on light drinking in pregnancy

A leading pharmacist has warned that some women will consider terminations due to unwarranted fears about the health of their fetuses.

3 April 2014

Supporting women’s pregnancy choices, trusting women to decide

The woman should be at the heart of discussions about abortion, pregnancy and birth. By Jennie Bristow.

3 April 2014

Protecting pregnancies with a slice of bread

Why we should back flour fortification. By Clare Murphy.

20 March 2014

UK: Add folic acid to flour, urges BPAS

British Pregnancy Advisory Service is urging the government to fortify flour with folic acid to reduce the risk of babies developing defects such as spina bifida.

12 March 2014

UK: Study claims to show cost of obesity in pregnancy

Pregnant women who are obese can cost the NHS over a third more than women of healthy weight, a Swansea University study claims.

11 March 2014

UK: Another study on drinking in pregnancy

A study by researchers in Leeds claims that even moderate drinking during the earliest months of pregnancy may be damaging.

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