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5 November 2014

UK: Why pregnant women’s drinking should not be a criminal offence

A court case being heard on criminal injuries compensation for a child whose mother drank during pregnancy could pave the way to the criminalisation of pregnant women's behaviour, warn two charities intervening in the case.

22 October 2014

UK: Judge approves C-section for schizophrenic woman

Mrs Justice Roberts said she was satisfied that a planned caesarean section was in the woman’s best interests and satisfied that the woman did not have the mental capacity to make decisions about treatment.

8 October 2014

UK: Drinking abstinence advice prompting women to seek abortion

'Scare stories' about binge drinking while pregnant are driving women to request abortions for fear they might have caused their babies harm, British Pregnancy Advisory Service has warned.

8 September 2014

Q&A – Extremely premature babies

Improvements in the survival of babies born at over 24 weeks' gestation is a cause for celebration. But what is the prognosis for babies born at lower gestations? And what do the issues involved in the care of extremely preterm infants have to do with 'time limit' for abortion?

30 August 2014

UK: Many women sent home ‘too early’ after birth, say midwives

A survey by the Royal College of Midwives suggests that up to 40% of women may be being discharged from hospital before they are ready after having a baby.

28 July 2014

UK: Charities intervene in court case to defend pregnant women’s freedom

An unprecedented hearing to decide whether a child whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy should receive compensation could criminalise pregnant women's behaviour, claim BPAS and Birthrights.

28 July 2014

UK: Contraceptive needs of new mothers

A quarter of new mothers resume sex by 6 weeks, research by British Pregnancy Advisory Service shows.

17 July 2014

UK: Average age of motherhood reaches 30 for first time

New data from the Office for National Statistics indicates the continued trend towards older motherhood, and a fall in the birth rate.

14 July 2014

UK: Wales lags behind on antenatal screening

A new screening test for Down's syndrome is still not available across the Welsh NHS, six years after guidelines said it should be, BBC News Online reports.

2 July 2014

Q&A – What if you don’t breastfeed your baby?

The health benefits of breastfeeding tend to be presented as overwhelming, and imply that formula feeding will cause health problems. But the evidence shows a far less drastic difference between breastfed and formula-fed babies.

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