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Abortion counselling

12 February 2014

UK: Investigations into Crisis Pregnancy Centres

Women are being wrongly warned during counselling sessions at ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ (CPCs) that an abortion could lead to serious health damage, including an increased risk of breast cancer and a propensity to sexually abuse children, an investigation by the Daily Telegraph has found. An in-depth investigation of 33 CPCs by the sexual health charity Brook, found the majority to be offering unacceptably biased and misleading information about pregnancy and abortion.

4 September 2013

USA: Predictors of abortion counselling receipt and helpfulness

This study sought to investigate individual- and facility-level factors that influenced women's reports of receiving abortion counselling and the helpfulness of counselling. From Women's Health Issues.

21 March 2013

USA: The politicisation of abortion and the evolution of abortion counselling

The author notes that field of abortion counselling originated in the abortion rights movement of the 1970s. During its evolution to the present day, it has faced significant challenges, primarily arising from the increasing politicisation and stigmatisation of abortion since legalisation. From American Journal of Public Health.

18 March 2013

UK: Government publishes ‘A Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England’

Ths long-awaited document sets out the government’s ambitions for improving sexual health, in relation to contraception, abortion, STIs, and sex and relationships education.

14 January 2013

UK: Official response to the campaign about abortion counselling

The Department of Health has published a statement on the abortion counselling consultation.

29 November 2012

UK: Maverick MP flies back from the jungle

Nadine Dorries will not be reinstated as a Tory MP unless she apologises for taking part in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, it emerged on 27 November.

1 November 2012

USA: When legislators play doctor - the ethics of mandatory preabortion ultrasound examinations

The authors argue that legislating imaging procedures inappropriately limits women's autonomy and undermines the physician-patient relationship as well as the physician's professional obligations to the patient. From Obstetrics and Gynecology.

31 October 2012

UK: Government drops abortion counselling consultation

Health minister Anna Soubry says the government no longer plans to undertake its own consultation on abortion counselling.

13 June 2012

Commentary: Keep abortion out of adoption policy

Jennie Bristow criticises the new official strategy that encourages women seeking abortion to give birth and do adoption instead.

5 April 2012

UK: Health Secretary under fire over ‘political’ abortion clinic inspections

Urgent checks of abortion clinics ordered by the health secretary last month cost £1m and meant hundreds of other inspections were cancelled, the BBC reports.

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