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1 April 2008

Should we stamp out ‘designer deafness’?

Sandy Starr of the Progress Educational Trust asks why the UK government is legislating against something as rare as pro-deaf embryo selection.

12 March 2008

Catholic church battles HFE bill

The Vatican has included the destruction of embryos on a new list of mortal sins - at a time when the Catholic Church in England and Wales is campaigning against controversial new legislation in this area.

4 March 2008

Britain: Statistics show increase in older mothers

Record numbers of women aged 40 and over are becoming pregnant, with births to this age group rising faster than any other.

29 February 2008

USA: Impact of PGD on reproductive outcome

This article notes that despite recent controversy, existing experience suggests that aneuploidy testing has had a significant impact on the reproductive outcome of poor prognosis IVF patients, which is based on the experience of over 20,000 cases of PGD for chromosomal disorders.

18 May 2007

UK abortion law may be amended

The Department of Health has published its draft of the Human Tissue and Embryos Bill, and amendments on abortion are likely to be permissible during debates in Parliament.

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