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3 February 2015

UK: Parliament approves ‘three-person’ mitochondrial gene therapy

MPs have voted in favour of making Britain the first country in the world to permit IVF babies to be created using biological material from three different people to help prevent serious genetic diseases.

6 October 2014

First womb transplant baby celebrated

A boy has been born in Sweden after his 36-year-old mother had a womb transplanted from a close family friend who had completed her family. She is part of a clinical trial of nine women, two more of whom are due to have babies by the end of the year.

25 July 2014

UK: IVF accused of contributing to ‘bloated carbon footprint’

Ethics lecturers say single women and same sex couples should be advised to adopt and refused fertility treatment in a bid to save the planet.

22 July 2014

UK: Couples travel for IVF

Some British couples are having IVF treatment in America to select the sex of their child, an IVF doctor has said; and more choose to have a girl than a boy.

26 June 2014

USA: ‘Paternity balancing’

The authors note that gestational carriers and egg donors have been used by 'traditional' and now increasingly, gay couples. Three gay male couples, all using egg donors and gestational carriers with semen from both partners, had triplets. All desired reductions to twins for the standard medical indications, but requested, if reasonably possible, to have twins with one fathered by each partner. From Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy.

3 February 2014

Event report: Double Take – Twins in genetics and fertility treatment

Progress Educational Trust’s annual conference tackled a number of contentious issues.

31 January 2014

UK: Cheaper IVF treatment offered to British women

A ‘no-frills’ IVF treatment costing under £1,000 should be available to British women within weeks, the Daily Mail reports.

23 January 2014

UK: Women denied fertility treatment because of ‘unfair’ rules

Most clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will not fund treatments for women if their partners smoke, are obese, drink too much or have children from a previous relationship, warns a report by the National Infertility Awareness Campaign.

18 November 2013

UK: Courts affirm role of clinical judgement in multiple embryo transfer

The UK's High Court has ruled that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority's actions towards two clinics over a licence condition to impose a maximum multiple birth rate were unlawful.

11 September 2013

UK: Biological clock warnings in the news again

Most women’s fertility begins to decline sharply in their mid-thirties but a growing number are waiting until a later stage in order to focus on a career or save money, experts from Newcastle University said.

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