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31 August 2012

UK: Effect of contraception provided at termination of pregnancy

The study's objective was to determine the incidence of subsequent termination of pregnancy (TOP) within a 2-year period in relation to the method of contraception provided to women following the index TOP. From BJOG.

18 July 2012

Family planning summit raises questions about domestic vs international commitments

At the widely-covered London Summit on Family Planning in July, Melinda Gates pledged $560 million as part of a campaign to expand access to contraception for women in some of the poorest countries in the world.

4 May 2012

USA: Unprotected intercourse among women wanting to avoid pregnancy: attitudes, behaviours, beliefs

The study set out better to understand the behaviours associated with unintended pregnancy, including the frequency and reasons why women engage in unprotected intercourse (UI), to help guide efforts to prevent unintended pregnancy. From Women's Health Issues.

27 April 2012

UK: Make the pill available over the counter, recommends NHS report

The contraceptive pill should be available at pharmacies without a GP prescription, including to some under-16s, suggests a study by NHS South East London.

26 April 2012

UK: Contraceptive services not reaching all women, audit finds

A new audit of the commissioning of contraceptive and abortion services in England has revealed that a third of women of reproductive age are unable to choose from the full range of contraceptives or services in their local area.

13 February 2012

USA: Compromise announced on contraceptive coverage row

The White House has announced modified plans to require all women to have access to contraception, attempting to stem anger from Catholic leaders, BBC News Online reports.

6 February 2012

UK: A ‘fast-track’ referral service for intrauterine contraception following early medical abortion

This study found that only half the women fast-tracked for intrauterine contraception actually attended and these tended to be women who were pre-existing clients of the family planning clinic. From Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care.

31 January 2012

UK: Contraception in obese older women

The authors note that the prevalence of obesity and the high rates of contraceptive use amongst older women mean that any increase in associated risk is likely to be of public health concern. From Maturitas.

6 January 2012

USA: Patients’ attitudes and experiences related to receiving contraception during abortion care

This study documents attitudes of abortion patients about contraceptive services during their receipt of abortion services and identifies patient characteristics associated with desire for contraception and interest in using a long-acting reversible contraceptive method (LARC). From Contraception.

14 November 2011

USA: ‘Personhood’ amendment fails in Mississippi

A constitutional amendment that would have defined a fertilized egg as a person failed on the ballot in Mississippi on 8 November, the Washington Post reports.

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