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Fetal anomaly

3 October 2011

European ruling may ban women from knowing the sex of their fetus

The Sunday Telegraph reports on a draft resolution to be considered by the Council of Europe in October.

16 July 2011

Netherlands: Women’s views on the moral status of nature in prenatal screening decisions

Researchers explored the meaning of appeals to nature among pregnant women to whom a prenatal screening test was offered and the impact of these appeals on their choices regarding the acceptance of screening. From Journal of Medical Ethics.

6 July 2011

UK: Data on abortions for fetal anomaly released

The government has published detailed data on the number of post-24 week abortions carried out in England and Wales, after the High Court ordered it to do so.

31 May 2011

UK: ‘I saw my son’s bleak future and knew I had to abort him’

Sara Carpenter writes in the Daily Mail of her heartrending decision to have an abortion at 18 weeks' gestation, following a prenatal diagnosis of spina bifida.

3 May 2011

USA: The impact of abortion views and QOL information on women’s genetic testing decisions

The authors examined the contribution of multiple factors to predicting genetic testing likelihood for cystic fibrosis. From Journal of Genetic Counseling.

3 May 2011

Fetal anomaly and the distortion of the abortion debate

The anti-abortion lobby’s obsession with 'Ground E' terminations reveals its vindictive use of statistics. By Jennie Bristow.

25 April 2011

UK: Government loses case over late abortion data

The Department of Health has lost a court battle to keep from publishing some details on statistics for abortions carried out on grounds of fetal anomaly.

6 April 2011

UK: Preconception genetic tests to be recommended

The Human Genetic Commission is to call for the wider availability of genetic 'preconception' tests.

23 March 2011

UK: ‘Cleft palate’ cleric back in the news

The Daily Mail carries an interview with Joanna Jepson, who in 2002 brought a judicial review of a case in which a woman had aborted a fetus with a cleft palate after 24 weeks.

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