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Monthly archive: May 2014

28 May 2014

Competing Rights: Exploring the boundaries of ‘conscientious objection’

Wendy Chavkin, of Global Doctors for Choice, discusses the 'thorny issues' of conscience, integrity, and autonomy in this debate.

23 May 2014

UK: Government publishes guidance on compliance with the 1967 Abortion Act

The Department of Health guidance should reassure doctors providing abortion care that their existing practice is lawful.

21 May 2014

Supporting pregnancy choices, trusting women to decide

Women need to be the ones making their own reproductive decisions right the way through - from choosing contraception to experiencing pregnancy and childbirth, writes Clare Murphy on Huffington Post UK.

21 May 2014

USA: The publicity war over abortion rights

An excellent blog by the Daily Telegraph's US editor Peter Foster reports from Washington, D.C., about the agenda behind the wave of anti-abortion laws and their consequence for women.

20 May 2014

USA: Understanding why women seek abortions

The authors note that the current political climate with regards to abortion in the US, along with the economic recession may be affecting women's reasons for seeking abortion. From BMC Women's Health.

20 May 2014

UK: Girl awarded compensation after mother drank heavily in pregnancy

A 16-year-old girl has been awarded £500,000 in criminal injuries compensation for severe brain damage she 'sustained in the womb as a result of her mother drinking alcohol,' the Sunday Times reports.

19 May 2014

UK: Personal abortion film sparks debate

Two insightful commentaries were published in the British press this week reflecting on the consternation within the pro-choice movement caused by two recent, and very public, abortion decisions.

19 May 2014

UK: Older mothers react against fertility ‘scaremongering’

A feature in the Daily Telegraph explains why 'fertility is far from finished at 40'.

18 May 2014

Q&A – Britain’s abortion law

This Q&A explains what does the 1967 Abortion Act does; what it means for doctors to 'act in good faith'; what 'risk to health' means; why it is legal to terminate a pregnancy because of a woman's social or financial circumstances; the legal situation surrounding abortion for fetal sex and the pre-signing of authorisation forms; and why the British law does not give women 'abortion on demand'.

16 May 2014

Commentary: The pro-choice lobby should celebrate debate

A university debate is not a form of 'violence', writes Ann Furedi - and a policy of No Platform is no way to win the argument for choice.