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Monthly archive: April 2014

29 April 2014

UK: RCOG president talks sense on delayed fertility

The shift towards older motherhood is irreversible and it is pointless to warn women to have their children by the age of 35 or risk their babies suffering a range of medical problems, says Dr David Richmond, Britain's top maternity doctor.

28 April 2014

Europe: ‘One of Us’ campaign criticised

A religious-backed initiative to prevent EU aid money being spent on programmes that support abortion lacks compassion for women, the head of the International Planned Parenthood Federation has said.

28 April 2014

UK: ‘NHS boob job mum’ in abortion controversy

The bizarre story about Josie Cunningham's claim that she would have an abortion so she could appear on Big Brother has resulted in condemnations form all sides of the choice divide.

22 April 2014

Australia: Challenge to official guidelines on light drinking in pregnancy

A leading pharmacist has warned that some women will consider terminations due to unwarranted fears about the health of their fetuses.

21 April 2014

UK: Adoption order made in ‘forced caesarean’ case

The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has approved the adoption of the daughter of Alessandra Pacchieri, who gave birth by forced caesarean section in August 2012.

4 April 2014

April digest: Supporting women’s pregnancy choices, trusting women to decide

The recent top stories on Reproductive Review.

3 April 2014

Supporting women’s pregnancy choices, trusting women to decide

The woman should be at the heart of discussions about abortion, pregnancy and birth. By Jennie Bristow.

3 April 2014

Protecting pregnancies with a slice of bread

Why we should back flour fortification. By Clare Murphy.