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Monthly archive: February 2014

28 February 2014

February digest: What’s the problem with older mothers?

This month's top stories on Reproductive Review.

25 February 2014

UK: National conception statistics confirm trend towards older motherhood

The statistics also show a continued fall in the teenage conception rate, and changes within particular age groups in the proportion of conceptions ending in abortion.

24 February 2014

USA: Beyond abortion: why the personhood movement implicates reproductive choice

From American Journal of Law and Medicine.

19 February 2014

Spain: Abortion law a ‘self-made mess’

Ann Furedi writes on CNN.

13 February 2014

Spain: Restrictive abortion law advances

A controversial bill in Spain to end women's right to abortion on demand is set to be passed after an opposition challenge was defeated in parliament.

12 February 2014

UK: Investigations into Crisis Pregnancy Centres

Women are being wrongly warned during counselling sessions at ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ (CPCs) that an abortion could lead to serious health damage, including an increased risk of breast cancer and a propensity to sexually abuse children, an investigation by the Daily Telegraph has found. An in-depth investigation of 33 CPCs by the sexual health charity Brook, found the majority to be offering unacceptably biased and misleading information about pregnancy and abortion.

11 February 2014

USA: Row over pharmacists and Plan B

A New York Times article on 7 February asked, 'What Unhealthy Products Should CVS Stop Selling?' - and the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggested emergency contraception. Pro-choice advocates have issued a strong response.

6 February 2014

UK: Abortion and contraceptive failure

Data released by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) indicates that two thirds (66%) of women having an abortion at its clinics reported using a form of contraception when they conceived.

5 February 2014

Analysis: Drinking in pregnancy – what do we know?

Health professionals and policymakers are drawing increasing attention to women’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy: to the point where women who are pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant, are officially advised to abstain from alcohol altogether. But how much do we know about the effects of alcohol upon the developing fetus? And does this justify the current guidance?

4 February 2014

USA: Lowest abortion rate since 1973

Research by the Guttmacher Institute suggests that state-level restrictions are not the cause.