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Monthly archive: January 2014

31 January 2014

UK: Cheaper IVF treatment offered to British women

A ‘no-frills’ IVF treatment costing under £1,000 should be available to British women within weeks, the Daily Mail reports.

27 January 2014

UK: Online abortion pills

The Daily Mirror's scare story about 'internet gangs' selling 'deadly abortion pills to desperate teen girls' needs a bit of balancing.

23 January 2014

January digest: Bad news stories

This has so far been the year of bad news about abortion. But the striking thing is how these stories illustrate the widespread confusion, among those working in policy and the media, about what the abortion law does, how the abortion service works, and - above all - how abortion should be regulated.

23 January 2014

UK: Regulating ‘good faith’

The aim of the government’s consultation on the regulation of abortion clinics seems to be a tightening, not a lightening, of the rules. By Jennie Bristow, editor, Reproductive Review.

23 January 2014

UK: Ethics of home birth questioned

The authors of a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics argue that the 'avoidable, foreseeable disability' that could be caused, in particular by delays in access to emergency care for new-borns, should 'weigh heavily' on parents’ decision about whether to give birth at home.

23 January 2014

UK: Women denied fertility treatment because of ‘unfair’ rules

Most clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will not fund treatments for women if their partners smoke, are obese, drink too much or have children from a previous relationship, warns a report by the National Infertility Awareness Campaign.

20 January 2014

The Times – leading in two directions on abortion

What does the Times (London) think about abortion? It clearly depends on who is writing the editorials on the day.

20 January 2014

France: Proposed equality law includes abortion, paternity leave and child beauty pageants

The French parliament has been asked to approve a wide-ranging bill enforcing equality for women in their personal and professional lives.

15 January 2014

Q&A – Sex ratios and abortion

What is the basis for the Independent's extraordinary claim that the ‘commonplace’ practice of sex selection abortion has led to ‘between 1,400 and 4,700’ missing girls in Britain?

15 January 2014

BPAS to appeal ‘out of proportion’ fine from Information Commissioner’s Office

Ann Furedi, the charity's chief executive, said: 'We accept that no hacker should have been able to steal our data, but it is appalling that a hacker who acted on the basis of his opposition to abortion should see his actions rewarded in this way.'