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Monthly archive: September 2013

26 September 2013

USA: Post-fertilisation contraception on the horizon

A contraceptive tablet that acts like the morning-after pill but could be taken up to a month after sex is probably scientifically possible and would be welcomed by women, scientists have said.

23 September 2013

Pope attempts to clarify stance on moral issues

Pope Francis has said the Catholic Church is too focused on preaching about abortion, gay people and contraception and needs to become more merciful: but has also condemned abortion as the product of a ‘throwaway culture’.

17 September 2013

You can’t be pro-choice only when you like the choice

Ann Furedi, chief executive of British Pregnancy Advisory Service, explains the dangers of clamping down on ‘sex-selection abortions’.

12 September 2013

UK: Women diagnosed with fetal anomaly ‘denied surgical abortions’

Women who terminate their pregnancies after a diagnosis of fetal anomaly should not be forced to go through labour, the ARC/BPAS conference on 9 September heard.

12 September 2013

A Statement on Later Abortion

A number of key US pro-choice organisations have issued a statement affirming their support for women's ability to access abortions in the second or third trimester, and the providers who care for them.

11 September 2013

The Politics of Motherhood

BPAS fringe events at the Labour and Conservative party conferences.

11 September 2013

UK: Responses to CPS decision reveal continued confusion over the law

Some excellent legal commentaries and press statements have had to vie with demands that the Crown Prosecution Service deliberately misinterpret the Abortion Act.

11 September 2013

UK: Government adviser calls for poor women to be coerced into contraception

Mothers in some large problem families should be taken to the doctors for advice about contraception to stop them having children, Louise Casey, the head of the government's troubled families programme, has said.

11 September 2013

UK: Baby weight charts skewed to promote breastfeeding

Hundreds of thousands of children are misleadingly classed as fat under official measures of growth, experts say.

11 September 2013

UK: Biological clock warnings in the news again

Most women’s fertility begins to decline sharply in their mid-thirties but a growing number are waiting until a later stage in order to focus on a career or save money, experts from Newcastle University said.