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Monthly archive: March 2013

21 March 2013

Commentary: ‘The new face of social conservatism in America’

An interesting piece by Tim Wigmore in the Daily Telegraph argues that 'there is an interesting juxtaposition in American social values today: while attitudes to gay marriage are being liberalised, states are also tightening anti-abortion restrictions'.

21 March 2013

USA: The politicisation of abortion and the evolution of abortion counselling

The author notes that field of abortion counselling originated in the abortion rights movement of the 1970s. During its evolution to the present day, it has faced significant challenges, primarily arising from the increasing politicisation and stigmatisation of abortion since legalisation. From American Journal of Public Health.

21 March 2013

UK: Support for ‘three-person IVF’

An official consultation has found that most people would be happy to see the law changed to allow a radical form of gene therapy on the IVF embryos of women in danger of passing on mitochondrial disease to their babies – a potentially severe and fatal metabolic disorder.

20 March 2013

USA: Reproductive rights activism in the post-Roe era

From American Journal of Public Health.

18 March 2013

bpas blog: ‘We don’t choose to miscarry. We should at least get a choice about how it is handled.’

Katherine O'Brien discusses the difficulties many women face when trying to access medical management of miscarriage.

18 March 2013

UK: Government publishes ‘A Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England’

Ths long-awaited document sets out the government’s ambitions for improving sexual health, in relation to contraception, abortion, STIs, and sex and relationships education.

17 March 2013

USA: North Dakota Senate approves abortion bans

The North Dakota Senate has approved a law banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, and a bill banning abortions based solely on genetic abnormalities, Reuters reports.

17 March 2013

Event: Abortion, motherhood and the medical profession

This joint BPAS/Royal Society of Medicine conference, on 12 June in London, will address the impact of new developments in pregnancy testing for abortion care, miscarriage, fertility treatment and ectopic pregnancy; the role of fetal imaging in discussions about abortion and the regulation of pregnancy; the impact of policy debates about information, counselling and the abortion law; and the generational experiences of doctors working within the abortion service.

14 March 2013

Commentary: Why is the government hiding its sexual health policy?

Katherine O’Brien, BPAS press and policy officer, writes on the Liberal Conspiracy blog.

13 March 2013

Northern Ireland: Assembly fails in bid to change abortion law

An assembly amendment which would have banned abortions being performed by private clinics has failed to win sufficient cross-community support, BBC News Online reports.