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Monthly archive: September 2012

29 September 2012

UK: ‘Coat-hanger’ protest highlights need for abortion rights

Six hundred coat-hangers were delivered to the Department of Health on Friday by pro-choice activists anxious about possible attacks on abortion provision under the new health secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

29 September 2012

UK: Call for improved post-natal contraceptive advice

Almost two-thirds of mothers-to-be do not get contraception advice after the birth of their babies, a Mumsnet/BPAS survey has suggested.

28 September 2012

USA: Immediate postabortion intrauterine device insertion: continuation and satisfaction

The authors concluded that follow-up of women undergoing immediate postabortion IUD insertion is challenging; however, women choosing immediate postabortion IUD had high rates of continuation and satisfaction. From Women’s Health Issues.

28 September 2012

USA: Cytogenetic evaluation of products of conception in the patient with a second pregnancy loss

The results found that for all age categories, obtaining a karyotype of POC was less costly than an evidence-based recurrent pregnancy loss evaluation. From Fertility and Sterility.

28 September 2012

USA: North Carolina’s Woman’s Right to Know Act 2011: a legislative history

From Issues in Law and Medicine.

27 September 2012

Malaysia: Single measurement of serum progesterone in detecting early pregnancy failure

The authors note that early pregnancy failure is a common pregnancy complication. In clinical practice, the time delay to distinguish viable from nonviable pregnancy is often distressing to patients and doctors. From Malaysian Journal of Pathology.

27 September 2012

Commentary: Sarah Catt should never have been convicted

The case of a Leeds woman jailed for eight years for inducing her own labour raises some serious questions, writes Barbara Hewson.

26 September 2012

Canada: Arthrogryposis associated with failed termination of pregnancy

The purpose of this study was to establish whether an increase in failed termination of pregnancy is observed among individuals with arthrogryposis (multiple congenital contractures). From American Journal of Medical Genetics (Part A).

24 September 2012

UK: Bishop condemned for comparing abortion to Auschwitz

Pro-choice campaigners have criticsed Bishop Joseph Devine's comments for displaying 'a warped moral view of the world'.

23 September 2012

Event: Abortion - a medical or a moral choice?

Senior politicians have recently cited 'the evidence' as their reason for wanting a lower time limit on abortion. But can science give us the answer to moral questions? BPAS is sponsoring this debate at the Battle of Ideas festival in London on Sunday 21 October.