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Monthly archive: July 2012

31 July 2012

Commentary: Anti-abortion protesters must stop punishing women

BPAS counsellor Cath Sutton writes on the Huffington Post UK.

20 July 2012

UK: ‘Lovewise’ charity criticised for spreading abortion misinformation to children

A controversial Christian charity has come under fire for teaching school children around England that abortion can lead to infection, holes in the womb and dramatically increase the risk of depression and suicide.

19 July 2012

Commentary: On abortion, beware the overshare

American feminists want women to 'come out' about abortion. But the political needn't be personal, argues Hannah Betts in the Guardian.

18 July 2012

WHO: Acceptability of misoprostol-only medical abortion compared with vacuum aspiration

The study's objective was to compare women's acceptance of misoprostol-only medical termination of pregnancy (TOP) with surgical TOP. From BJOG.

18 July 2012

Family planning summit raises questions about domestic vs international commitments

At the widely-covered London Summit on Family Planning in July, Melinda Gates pledged $560 million as part of a campaign to expand access to contraception for women in some of the poorest countries in the world.

13 July 2012

UK: Tory MP to launch cross-party inquiry into unwanted pregnancy

Amber Rudd MP aims to prevent the abortion issue from being hijacked by anti-abortion advocates in her own party, the Guardian reports.

13 July 2012

UK: ‘Lansley raid’ on abortion clinics finds high standard of compliance

The Care Quality Commission's inspection of 249 clinics found just 14 instances of the 'pre-signing' of abortion forms in NHS clincs, and no evidence of substandard care.

3 July 2012

USA: Prenatally diagnosed fetal conditions in the age of fetal care: does who counsels matter?

This study sought to characterise practices and attitudes of maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) and fetal care pediatric (FCP) specialists regarding fetal abnormalities. From American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

3 July 2012

The British abortion law: Challenging current myths and misconceptions

On 27 June 2012, a meeting of doctors, lawyers and academics was held in London to clarify the legal position of current clinical practice in Britain’s abortion service. This article lays out the key arguments.

3 July 2012

UK: BPAS launches emergency contraception campaign, ‘Just In Case’

Free supplies of the morning after pill will be sent out to women on request during the Olympics – in case they can’t get an appointment with their GP.