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Monthly archive: April 2012

27 April 2012

Sweden: Risk factors among men who have repeated experience of abortion

The study's objective was to investigate risk factors among men who have repeated experience of being the partner of a woman electing an induced abortion. From Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.

27 April 2012

UK: Make the pill available over the counter, recommends NHS report

The contraceptive pill should be available at pharmacies without a GP prescription, including to some under-16s, suggests a study by NHS South East London.

26 April 2012

UK: Contraceptive services not reaching all women, audit finds

A new audit of the commissioning of contraceptive and abortion services in England has revealed that a third of women of reproductive age are unable to choose from the full range of contraceptives or services in their local area.

26 April 2012

France: Contraceptive paths of adolescent women undergoing an abortion

This study found that although most teens switch to more effective methods of contraception after an abortion, only a minority receives a prescription for a long-acting method. From Journal of Adolescent Health.

25 April 2012

The public is being misled about pre-signed abortion certificates

Health secretary Andrew Lansley's attack on doctors pre-signing abortion certificates is both wrong in law and ignores the realities of medical life, writes Barbara Hewson in Solicitors Journal.

25 April 2012

Turkey: Pharmacists’ counselling practices and attitudes regarding emergency contraceptive pills

The aim of this study was to assess Turkish pharmacists' counselling practices and attitudes regarding emergency contraception pills (ECPs). From International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy.

24 April 2012

Hungary: Determinants of emergency contraceptive use after unprotected intercourse

This study set out to compare differences in contraceptive characteristics and the knowledge of emergency contraception (EC) between women who used EC after unprotected intercourse and those who sought abortion. From Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica.

23 April 2012

Why ‘choice’ matters

In the latest issue of Conscience magazine, Ann Furedi challenges the argument that 'choice' does not do justice to women's abortion decisions.

18 April 2012

USA: Fighting ‘personhood’ initiatives in the United States

From Reproductive Biomedicine Online.