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Monthly archive: December 2011

9 December 2011

UK: Systematic review of induced abortion and women’s mental health published

A major review into the mental health outcomes of induced abortion has been published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC) today.

9 December 2011

Commentary: Abortion is not a mental health problem

A new review of the evidence finds no causal link between abortion and depression. Now can we move the discussion on? By Jennie Bristow.

8 December 2011

UK: A Request for Abortion

The New England Journal of Medicine carries a useful comparison of medical and surgical methods of abortion under 9 weeks' gestation.

6 December 2011

UK: Morning-after pill offered free by post

BPAS' Christmas campaign to encourage women to order emergency contraception in advance gained front-page coverage in the British press, and caught the attention of the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley.

6 December 2011

Debate: When it comes to abortion, why wait?

Women who choose to terminate a pregnancy have a moral obligation to do it as early as possible, argues William Saletan.

6 December 2011

Debate: Abortion: how late is ‘too late’?

Policymakers should butt out of late abortion and trust women to work out what’s in their best interests, argues Ann Furedi.

5 December 2011

Inflating the cost of abortion services

In her new blog for Abortion Review, Clare Murphy, BPAS Director of Press and Public Policy, challenges the claim that 'taxpayers spend £30million a year more on abortion than previously thought'.

4 December 2011

A Declaration in Support of A Global Campaign for Safe Abortion Access

The following declaration was released on 2 December at the 2011 International Conference on Family Planning in Dakar, Sengal.

1 December 2011

Anti-abortion protests

Clare Murphy, Director of Press and Public Policy, discusses the compassion deficit exhibited by protestors outside abortion clinics in Britain.