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Monthly archive: July 2011

19 July 2011

USA: Panel advises contraception coverage

A leading medical advisory panel has recommended that all insurers be required to cover contraceptives for women free of charge as one of several preventive services under the new health care law, the New York Times reports.

18 July 2011

UK: Media debate about the Dorries amendment

Nadine Dorries MP's proposals to strip abortion providers of the ability to provide pregnancy counselling has provoked some interesting commentary in the UK media.

18 July 2011

UK: Medical students’ views on providing abortions

A survey published in the Journal of Medical Ethics has found that almost half of medical students believe that doctors should be allowed to refuse to perform any procedure to which they object on moral, cultural or religious grounds.

17 July 2011

Russia: New law restricts abortion

President Dmitri A. Medvedev has signed into law the first steps intended to restrict abortion since the collapse of communism, the New York Times reports.

16 July 2011

Netherlands: Women’s views on the moral status of nature in prenatal screening decisions

Researchers explored the meaning of appeals to nature among pregnant women to whom a prenatal screening test was offered and the impact of these appeals on their choices regarding the acceptance of screening. From Journal of Medical Ethics.

12 July 2011

UK: Rally for abortion rights

Pro-choice groups protested in Westminster, London, against recent attempts to restrict abortion provision.

11 July 2011

Spain: Impact of new law on number of abortions reported

A year after Spain brought in a controversial reform of its abortion laws, statistics show a decline in the number of terminations, putting paid to fears from opponents that rates would rocket, the Daily Telegraph reports.

6 July 2011

UK: Data on abortions for fetal anomaly released

The government has published detailed data on the number of post-24 week abortions carried out in England and Wales, after the High Court ordered it to do so.

6 July 2011

Event: Selective Reproduction, Bioethics, and the Idea of Eugenics

Jennie Bristow reports in BioNews on a thought-provoking seminar.