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Monthly archive: May 2011

31 May 2011

UK: ‘I saw my son’s bleak future and knew I had to abort him’

Sara Carpenter writes in the Daily Mail of her heartrending decision to have an abortion at 18 weeks' gestation, following a prenatal diagnosis of spina bifida.

29 May 2011

UK: Rise in abortions among women over 40

The number of women having abortions in their 40s has risen by almost one third in a decade, according to national statistics.

28 May 2011

UK: Storm over sexual health advisory group appointment

The Coalition Government has appointed pro-abstinence charity Life to key sexual health forum, while omitting BPAS, the Guardian reports.

28 May 2011

Commentary: Softly, softly is working for the anti-abortionists

Thanks to new stealth tactics, anti-abortionists are having an undue influence on policy, writes BPAS' Clare Murphy for the Guardian.

27 May 2011

USA: Associations between perceived partner support and timing of abortion

Findings from this study suggest that factors influencing a woman's decision to terminate a pregnancy are not limited to her own professional or personal goals, but also include the social and relationship context within which the pregnancy occurs. From Women's Health Issues.

24 May 2011

England and Wales: Abortion statistics 2010

This bpas briefing highlights key trends from the latest national statistics.

23 May 2011

USA: Abortion stigma: a reconceptualization of constituents, causes, and consequences

The authors draw from the social science literature to describe three groups whom they posit are affected by abortion stigma: women who have had abortions, individuals who work in facilities that provide abortion, and supporters of women who have had abortions. From Women's Health Issues.

23 May 2011

USA: Conducting collaborative abortion research in international settings

This paper draws on the authors' collaborative research experiences conducting abortion-related studies using clinic- and community-based samples in five diverse settings. From Women's Health Issues.

23 May 2011

USA: Perceived and insurance-related barriers to the provision of contraceptive services

This analysis examines a range of factors that may act as barriers to integrating contraceptive and abortion services and documents abortion providers' perspectives on their role in their patients' contraceptive care. From Women's Health Issues.

23 May 2011

USA: Physicians and abortion - provision, political participation and conflicts in Poland and Brazil

This article argues that gynecologists' perspectives and practices not only reflect or heed religious precepts on reproductive rights, but are also deeply influenced by inadequate medical training and by the fear of being prosecuted or stigmatised. From Women's Health Issues.