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Monthly archive: March 2011

28 March 2011

USA: Governor signs in South Dakota’s restrictive new law

Dennis Daugaard signed a law on 22 March requiring women to wait three days after meeting with a doctor to have an abortion, the longest waiting period in the nation.

28 March 2011

UK: Anti-abortion MP turns to ‘crisis pregnancy counselling’

Nadine Dorries MP will table amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill designed to reduce the number of abortions, the Daily Telegraph reports.

23 March 2011

UK: ‘Cleft palate’ cleric back in the news

The Daily Mail carries an interview with Joanna Jepson, who in 2002 brought a judicial review of a case in which a woman had aborted a fetus with a cleft palate after 24 weeks.

18 March 2011

UK: Debate over regulation of fertility treatment

Two articles on BioNews, by Antony Blackburn-Starza and Ann Furedi, engage with the discussion over the future of the HFEA.

17 March 2011

Abortion no solution, says Pope

Pope Benedict XVI has urged doctors to protect women from 'misinformation' that an abortion might be an acceptable solution to social or economic difficulties or health problems, reports the Scottish Catholic Observer.

8 March 2011

USA: Nebraska’s late abortion ban forces mother to give birth to dying baby

The state's new 'fetal pain' law meant that Danielle Deaver had to wait to give birth to a baby that she and her doctors knew would die minutes later, reports

8 March 2011

UK: Media fears about women buying abortion drugs online

Two national newspapers have this week reported concerns about the possibility of 'new backstreet abortions' provoked by the availability of misoprostol over the internet.

8 March 2011

UK: Charity to pay drug addicts to use LARCS

A charity is paying 26 female drug addicts £200 a year to use contraception, the Mirror reports.

7 March 2011

UK: Non-invasive Down’s test reported

A simple blood test to check for Down's syndrome has been developed that could save pregnant women from invasive examinations that risk miscarriage, the Daily Telegraph reports.

6 March 2011

USA: Mother of anti-abortion poster child complains

A New Jersey mother is angry to find her 6-year-old daughter's face on a provocative anti-abortion billboard in New York, Associated Press reports.