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Monthly archive: October 2010

29 October 2010

USA: Surgical procedures for evacuating incomplete miscarriage

From the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

29 October 2010

Ireland: Importing and Exporting Abortion

A useful blog by Stephanie Lord on RH Reality Check interrogates the figures on Irish women travelling for abortion.

25 October 2010

‘Achieving Excellence in Abortion Care’

Jennie Bristow reports on the recent conference of the International Federation of Abortion and Contraception Associates.

20 October 2010

Australia: Couple cleared in ‘home abortion’ trial

A District Court jury in far north Queensland has found a Cairns couple accused of procuring an illegal abortion not guilty.

20 October 2010

USA: Hormonal contraceptives for contraception in overweight or obese women

The authors systematically reviewed the evidence on the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives among overweight and obese women. From Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

20 October 2010

UK: Too many carbon footprints?

In the run-up to a BPAS-sponsored debate on population, wildlife experts and GPs have called for the need for British couples to limit the size of their familes, while commentators criticise explicit and subtle methods of population control.

19 October 2010

UK: Debate over payment for sperm donors

Men who donate sperm for IVF should possibly be reimbursed more than women who donate eggs, a fertility campaigner has suggested.

14 October 2010

Greece: Septic shock due after medical abortion with misoprostol-only regimen

This study reports a case of a healthy woman who was admitted to the hospital with septic shock caused by a common uropathogen after self-administration of misoprostol for pregnancy termination.

12 October 2010

Northern Ireland: Conference calls for abortion law change

Pro-choice campaigners at the first all-Ireland conference on abortion and clinical practice have called for the restrictive abortion laws to be modernised.

7 October 2010

AR update, 7 October 2010

Council of Europe debates use of conscience clauses; ten years of mifepristone in the USA; updates from the medical journals, and more ...