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Monthly archive: September 2010

30 September 2010

USA: Abortion and mental health problems in adolescents

A study from Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health concludes that adolescents who have an abortion do not appear to be at elevated risk for depression or low self-esteem in the short term or up to five years after the abortion.

30 September 2010

France: The future of women’s contraception: stakes and modalities

From Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

30 September 2010

Commentary: China’s one-child policy - success or failure?

Thirty years after the introduction of China's one-child policy, the government is being urged to rethink its population controls, BBC News Online reports.

29 September 2010

UK: Ofcom approves abortion ad

Ofcom, Britain’s regulator for the communications industry, on 27 September approved Marie Stopes International's television commercial.

29 September 2010

UK: Comparing medical versus surgical termination of pregnancy at 13-20 weeks of gestation

Women find surgical termination of pregnancy in the second trimester more acceptable than medical termination, according to a new study published in BJOG.

28 September 2010

USA: Ten years of mifepristone

A decade after it received FDA approval, mifepristone is used in an estimated one in five abortions under seven weeks' gestation.

28 September 2010

Netherlands: Evaluation of the introduction of a new treatment for the termination of pregnancy

All hospital-based gynecologists in the Netherlands were sent a questionnaire on the termination of pregnancy with off-label drugs in the absence of treatment protocols. From Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica.

27 September 2010

USA: The effect of Medicaid eligibility expansions on fertility

From Social Science and Medicine.

23 September 2010

Battle of Ideas 2010

BPAS is sponsoring debates about the value of life, the role of conscience clauses, the ethics of selective reproduction, and the population question.

16 September 2010

AR update, 16 September 2010

Clinical Update: Treatment of obese clients; Pope begins controversial UK visit; Polish parliamentary hearing on women travelling to abroad for abortion; and more ...