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Monthly archive: August 2010

31 August 2010

Poland: ‘Abortion tourism’ reflects restrictive law

Leading Polish activists held a civil hearing at the Polish parliament on 26 August on the rising number of Polish women who are travelling abroad to obtain access to abortion.

26 August 2010

Australia: Views and practices of induced abortion among Fellows and specialist trainees

The study set out to determine the opinions and current practice of obstetricians and gynaecologists and trainees in the specialism with regard to induced abortion.

26 August 2010

Australia: Early medical abortion: legal and medical developments

From The Medical Journal of Australia.

25 August 2010

UK: Health Protection Agency warns of rise in sexually transmitted infections

There were almost half a million new cases of STIs in the UK last year, figures show.

25 August 2010

Wales: Teenage conception figures released

More than half of teenage conceptions in Wales end in abortion, the Western Mail reports.

25 August 2010

USA: Internet searches and abortion availability

A study by two Children’s Hospital doctors has found that searches on 'abortion' rise in areas with more conservative abortion policies or where the procedure is less available.

24 August 2010

UK: Fertility regulator considers donor payments

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is considering increasing compensation for egg and sperm donors.

21 August 2010

AR update, 21 August 2010

Judge condemns forced contraception plan; GPs to gain commissioning powers; Next-generation emergency contraceptive pill gains FDA approval, and more ...

21 August 2010

UK: Judge condemns forced contraception plan

A council's plan to force contraception upon a woman with a low IQ was 'essentially a horrendous prospect' that has 'shades of social engineering', a judge has said.

20 August 2010

UK: Study leads to claims about alcohol and abortion

An article in the Daily Mail claims that 'the devastating effects of excess alcohol on young women have been spelled out by a major study', finding that 'binge drinking "ladettes" are 40 per cent likelier to have an abortion'.