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Monthly archive: July 2010

30 July 2010

Why do people get pregnant (when they don’t want to be)?

The 2010 BPAS annual lecture was given by Kristin Luker, the foremost American sociologist researching contraceptive use and risk taking around unplanned pregnancy in the USA.

28 July 2010

USA: Immediate postabortal insertion of intrauterine devices

From the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

27 July 2010

UK: Government to abolish health watchdogs

The Health Protection Agency and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority are to be axed under reforms.

19 July 2010

Motherhood, abortion and parenting culture

At a recent conference, academics from the UK and USA came together to discuss new challenges to women’s autonomy. Jennie Bristow reports.

18 July 2010

UK: GPs to gain commissioning powers

GP practices are set to be handed responsibility for most health services under ministerial plans for a radical shake-up of the National Health Service in England.

17 July 2010

‘Always glad to receive it’

Results of the Abortion Review Readers’ Survey 2010.

17 July 2010

UK: Warnings over unregulated sperm donation websites

An investigation by The Times (London) has claimed that unregulated 'fertility' websites that put their members in touch with sperm donors for a fee are exploiting vulnerable women and risking users’ health and finances.

14 July 2010

Canada: Assessment of pain after abortion relating to the use of misoprostol for cervical dilatation

The study's objective was to compare the use of misoprostol to that of laminaria tents for dilatation of the cervix before a surgical elective abortion (EAB) during the first trimester, with regard to the pain caused (1) during insertion, for both methods, (2) immediately before the EAB, and (3) one hour after the procedure. From Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada.

7 July 2010

AR update, 7 July 2010

Why do people get pregnant (when they don't want to be?); the science of fetal pain and the ethics of abortion; Australian attitudes to late abortion, and more ...

7 July 2010

The science of ‘fetal pain’, and the ethics of abortion

Commentary by Stuart Derbyshire, a member of the Working Party that produced the RCOG's new reports on fetal awareness.