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Monthly archive: April 2010

30 April 2010

AR update, 30 April 2010

Pregnancy and pregnancy planning in the new parenting culture; Tory party leader calls for review of abortion time limit; No increase in premature baby survival rate; Foreign Office apologises for ‘brainstorm’ memo; New guidance for pharmacists retains ‘conscience clause’; Mexico: child’s pregnancy fuels abortion row, and more…

30 April 2010

Israel: Nulliparity, fertility treatments and twins

The study set out to evaluate the risk that nulliparity poses to the outcome of twin pregnancies, an issue that gained importance due to the rise of twin gestations following assisted reproduction interventions. From Fertility and Sterility.

30 April 2010

Event: Pregnancy and pregnancy planning in the new parenting culture

A two day seminar in June, organised by Parenting Culture Studies and the Kent Centre for Law Gender and Sexuality, and supported by BPAS and the Economic and Social Research Council.

29 April 2010

Commentary: Extending parenting backwards

Jennie Bristow, editor of Abortion Review, explores some of the new limitations placed on women's autonomy by a culture of 'intensive parenting'.

27 April 2010

UK: Foreign Office apologises for ‘brainstorm’ memo

The Pope's visit to Britain will not be affected by a leaked memo which appeared to mock the Catholic Church, the Vatican has said.

26 April 2010

UK: A comparison of transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasonography in early medical abortion

The authors sought to establish the accuracy of abdominal ultrasonography in determining gestational age and identifying the presence of a gestational sac and embryonic pole before and after medical abortion. From Contraception.

25 April 2010

‘It’s time to move beyond Roe vs Wade’

An interesting commentary by Stuart Derbyshire argues that for the past 30 years, it has been the Supreme Court, and not broader US society, that has made the necessary decisions about abortion.

24 April 2010

WHO publishes new Emergency Contraception safety factsheet

The World Health Organisation's factsheet comes in response to in response to media coverage in 2009.

23 April 2010

UK: No increase in premature baby survival rate

Babies born before 24 weeks are spending longer periods in intensive care but their overall survival rates have not improved, a study has found.

23 April 2010

WHO: Cervical preparation for first trimester surgical abortion

This review set out to determine whether cervical preparation is necessary in the first trimester, and if so, which preparatory agent is preferred. From Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.