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Monthly archive: March 2010

29 March 2010

UK: New guidance for pharmacists retains ‘conscience clause’

Pharmacists across the UK have been told they can continue to refuse to prescribe items that might clash with their personal religious beliefs.

26 March 2010

Women’s opinions on the home management of early medical abortion in the UK

A study led by Patricia Lohr of BPAS has found that most women report a preference for going home after misoprostol administration in order to complete an early medical abortion.

25 March 2010

Commentary: Family planning should mean choice, not control

Jennie Bristow, editor of Abortion Review, reports on the 'morally uncomfortable' questions raised by a recent conference examining the alleged connection between population dynamics, reproductive health and rights, and climate change.

24 March 2010

USA: Healthcare bill passes with abortion restrictions

The US House of Representatives on 22 March narrowly voted to pass a landmark healthcare reform bill at the heart of President Barack Obama's agenda.

24 March 2010

UK: Fewer restrictions on TV condom ads

Advertising regulators have unveiled new rules about condom advertising and pregnancy advice services.

23 March 2010

UK: Under-age sex should lead to more prosecutions, says senior Tory

The Conservative party's children's spokesman has said that children who have sex under the age of 16 should face tougher sanctions.

22 March 2010

‘Condoms: Lie back and think of England’

A feature by Helen Rumbelow in The Times (London) notes that 'Britain donates more than a thousand condoms a minute to the developing world'.

18 March 2010

UK: New study shows Pill safety

Research involving 46,000 British women over nearly 40 years has confirmed that the contraceptive Pill is not linked to long-term health risks from cancer or heart disease, according to the report in the British Medical Journal.

17 March 2010

USA: Young people’s opinions about abortion

A survey study conducted for NARAL Pro-Choice America has found that, despite some recent surveys suggesting a retrenchment on support for a woman's right to choose, the nation remains majority pro-choice.

17 March 2010

Poland: ‘Abortion tourism’ ad causes reaction in UK

A Polish pro-choice group has launched a publicity campaign advocating travelling to the UK to get free abortions on the NHS as a way of avoiding Poland's strict laws prohibiting terminations, the Daily Telegraph reports.