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Monthly archive: August 2009

21 August 2009

Nigeria: Induced abortion amongst undergradute students

The authors set out to determine the proportion of undergraduate students who had induced abortion in the past and the contributing factors, and to determine the proportion of the undergraduate students who support the restrictive abortion laws in Nigeria. From the Nigerian Journal of Medicine.

14 August 2009

UK: BPAS responds to media coverage of contraceptive Pill research

‘This research simply adds to the medical evidence that the Pill is very safe medication, whichever brand women take,' says Dr Patricia Lohr.

12 August 2009

Australia: Wider access to Early Medical Abortion

The 'abortion pill' will become more widely available in Australia after a not-for-profit sexual health group was approved to use the drug in its clinics, reports.

10 August 2009

Netherlands: Law change has implications for abortion group

Recent changes to Dutch abortion law have caused international abortion provider Rebecca Gomperts to cancel upcoming campaigns for her renowned organisation Women On Waves, the Huffington Post reports.