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Monthly archive: June 2009

30 June 2009

USA: The effects of personal and school religiosity on the decision to abort a premarital pregnancy

This study looks at whether individual and school religiosity influence reported abortion behaviour among women who become pregnant while unmarried. From the Journal of Health and Social Behaviour.

29 June 2009

USA: Cost-effectiveness of alternative first-trimester abortion strategies in Mexico City

This study set out to assess the comparative health and economic outcomes associated with three alternative first-trimester abortion techniques in Mexico City and to examine the policy implications of increasing access to safe abortion modalities within a restrictive setting. From the BJOG.

19 June 2009

UK: Boots the chemist to sell Viagra over the counter

BPAS responds: Good news, but what about the contraceptive Pill?

19 June 2009

Autonomy and the UK’s law on abortion

Summary of a chapter by Laura Riley and Ann Furedi in the new book Regulating Autonomy: Sex, Reproduction and Family, published by Hart.

18 June 2009

USA: ‘Fetal anomaly’ pregnancy blog is revealed as a hoax

Anti-abortion groups are calling for the return of money donated to a blogger claiming to be continuing with a pregnancy despite knowing that her baby would not survive.

18 June 2009

UK: An account of a consultation in abortion care

This article presents a reflective account of a consultation in a pre-assessment clinic for women requesting abortion. From the Nursing Standard.

18 June 2009

Scottish government urges Scots to talk to their partners about sex

A new website urges 20-40 year-olds to 'ditch their inhibitions', as part of a Scottish government campaign aimed at avoiding unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

12 June 2009

Britain: New public health minister announced

Gillian Merron, MP for Lincoln, will now take responsibility for public health, including sexual healthcare.

12 June 2009

Primary Care Trusts criticised for contraceptive provision

Many PCTs are still failing adequately to promote the use of long-acting reversible contraceptives, claims an article for GP newspaper.

11 June 2009

Department of Health launches NHS Teen LifeCheck

An online ‘lifestyle self-assessment service to help teenagers improve their health and wellbeing’ has been rolled out nationally by the Department of Health with an accompanying billboard ad campaign.