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Monthly archive: September 2008

25 September 2008

School holds out against cancer jabs

A Roman Catholic school has been criticised for refusing to allow 12 and 13-year-old girls to be immunised against cervical cancer on its premises.

19 September 2008

fpa pamphlet sparks controversy

A sex education booklet aimed at six-year-olds has been published by a UK sexual health charity.

19 September 2008

Google to allow anti-abortion advertising

The search engine is to change its policy on adverts about abortion following a legal challenge from a Christian pressure group.

13 September 2008

Norway: Abortion and immigration status

This study analysed the frequency of termination of pregnancy (TOP) and associated risk factors according to immigration status.

12 September 2008

Australia: Modernisation bill progresses

A law to decriminalise abortion in Victoria has been passed by the lower house of Parliament.

11 September 2008

Poland: Pregnancy database alarms prochoice advocates

A new Mother and Child department in Poland is to be established at the Ministry of Health to monitor pregnant women and fight the so-called ‘abortion underground’.

11 September 2008

Event - Abortion: the hard arguments

Ann Furedi and Professor John Wyatt debate at the UK Battle of Ideas festival in London, 1 November 2008.

11 September 2008

UK: Women’s experiences of abortion

This study set out to undertake a narrative review of qualitative studies of women's experiences of abortion and their perspectives on surgical or medical methods.

5 September 2008

Canada: Court upholds abortion clinic ‘bubble zones’

The British Columbia Appeal Court has upheld the province's so-called 'bubble zone' anti-protest law even though it curtails free speech rights around abortion clinics.

4 September 2008

Fears that parents may boycott cervical cancer vaccine

As the nationwide innoculation programme against cervical cancer begins, parents are reportedly suspicious of the jabs.