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Monthly archive: April 2008

30 April 2008

England: The contribution of late abortion to stillbirth rates

The authors note that it is a legal requirement to register late terminations, and this may lead to an overestimation of the true stillbirth rate.

23 April 2008

‘Women need 24 weeks for a reason’

The fpa has launched a campaign to retain the legal time limit for abortion.

22 April 2008

Sad death of abortion rights champion

Gwyneth Dunwoody, the longest-serving female Member of Parliament, died on 17 April at the age of 77.

21 April 2008

Make abortion legal, says Council of Europe

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on 16 April passed a resolution calling for all of its member states to decriminalise abortion.

21 April 2008

USA: Gender imbalances in history

This article surveys the causes, consequences and social adjustments of gender-imbalanced populations.

17 April 2008

Epicure 2 reveals problems faced by ‘pre-prematurity’ babies

A major study has found no significant improvement in the survival rate for very premature babies over the last 10 years.

16 April 2008

USA: Clinton and Obama speak on abortion

The two Democratic rivals for their party's presidential nomination have both affirmed their support for abortion rights.

15 April 2008

USA: Improving access to emergency contraception for female adolescents

Summarising the research, Jessica L. Barnack of the University of Wisconsin finds no support for the contention that use of EC leads to sexual risk behaviour among female minors or is associated with lower use of effective contraception.

9 April 2008

Abortion in the USA

New from the Guttmacher Institute: concise briefings about US state policies.

3 April 2008

US Catholic group sends letter to Parliament

Catholic MPs may, in good conscience, vote to retain current time limit on abortion, says Catholics for Choice.