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Monthly archive: February 2008

29 February 2008

USA: Ethics, ideology and reproductive health policy

This study examines how policies have been reconfigured in five key reproductive health areas, sparking controversy both in the United States and internationally.

29 February 2008

USA: Impact of PGD on reproductive outcome

This article notes that despite recent controversy, existing experience suggests that aneuploidy testing has had a significant impact on the reproductive outcome of poor prognosis IVF patients, which is based on the experience of over 20,000 cases of PGD for chromosomal disorders.

29 February 2008

Australia: Pregnant women with fetal abnormalities

This article argues that women wanting to have a family who have a fetal abnormality detected later in pregnancy are neglected in the abortion debate and harmed by the consequences of current legal uncertainty.

26 February 2008

Conservative leader ‘would’ back time limit cut

David Cameron has told the Daily Mail that if MPs are given a chance to vote on the issue, he would back a cut in the legal time limit for abortion .

22 February 2008

UK: Green Party votes to update abortion law

The party's spring conference in Reading supported removing the 'two doctors' rule, allowing nurses and midwives carrying out abortions in the first trimester, and axing restrictions on where abortions can be conducted.

6 February 2008

Government drive to promote contraception

The Department of Health will give local health teams £26.8 million to improve young people's access to contraception and help reduce the number of teenage pregnancies.

5 February 2008

UK: Oral contraceptives and ovarian cancer

Taking the Pill confers long-term protection against ovarian cancer, research confirms.

5 February 2008

Canada: ‘Why I am an abortion doctor’

In a speech to mark the 20th anniversary of R v Morgentaler, Garson Romalis explains why he continues to perform abortions despite two attempts on his life.

4 February 2008

India: Ectopic pregnancy - an analysis of 180 cases

This study aimed to estimate the epidemiological, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of ectopic pregnancy with a view to suggesting action to improve the prognosis.

1 February 2008

Anti-abortion MP hosts fetal pain meeting

Tory MP Nadine Dorries in January organised a meeting for MPs titled 'Time to reduce the upper limit for abortion'.