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Monthly archive: January 2008

31 January 2008

Northern Ireland: Midwives speak out against lack of abortion guidance

Midwives in Northern Ireland are threatening to stop performing emergency abortions because of fears they are vulnerable to criminal prosecution.

25 January 2008

USA: President addresses anti-abortion rally

President George W Bush has restated his personal opposition to abortion, by addressing activists at the annual March For Life rally in Washington, DC.

16 January 2008

UK: House of Lords to debate amendments to the Abortion Act

Life peer Baroness Masham has placed two amendments to the Abortion Act that aimed to ban abortion for fetal abnormality and ban ‘selective fetal reduction’ in multiple pregnancies.

16 January 2008

UK: Lord Alton’s call for new abortion committee rejected

The House of Lords Liaison Committee has refused a request from the anti-abortion peer Lord Alton of Liverpool that an ad hoc select committee be established on abortion and the working of the Abortion Act 1967.

15 January 2008

USA: Contraception and unintended pregnancy

An editorial by James Trussell and Lisa Wynn in the journal Contraception examines the reasons for the high incidence of unintended pregnancy in the USA.

15 January 2008

International study of adolescent sexual behaviour identifies key trends

A large study of adolescents in 24 European and North American countries finds that while a 'substantial minority' of 15-year-olds have had intercourse, only 13.2% reported no contraceptive use during their most recent sexual encounter.

11 January 2008

USA: Abortion and good motherhood

A new study finds that in many cases, women choose abortion because they are motivated to be good parents.

11 January 2008

Abortion law and clinical practice

Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of BPAS, presents the arguments for change.

11 January 2008

Spain: Abortion clinics go on strike

The private clinics that carry out more than 90 percent of legal abortions in Spain are holding a week-long strike calling for changes to the law, in order to give women and doctors better legal protection.

10 January 2008

Australia: Overseas aid for abortion advice

The federal coalition may accept a move to overturn a Howard government ban on Australian aid funding advice on abortion and other aspects of family planning.