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Monthly archive: November 2007

30 November 2007

Bioethics: Discussion of sex selection, and genetic terminations

The November issue of Bioethics carries some interesting papers.

30 November 2007

USA: Underreporting of induced abortions

This study found that fewer than one half of induced abortions performed in the United States in 1997-2001 (47 percent) were reported by women during face-to-face interviews in the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG).

13 November 2007

BPAS public debate: ‘What’s so bad about abortion?’

This event will move the abortion discussion beyond the recent health and science-focused public and Parliamentary discussion, to look at the ethical, religious and social place that abortion holds in women’s lives and in society.

1 November 2007

USA: Abortion, childbirth, and depression

This study set out to test if abortion is associated with a different risk of major depression symptomatology than other pregnancy outcomes after adjusting for prior depression. The results suggest that women who have an abortion are not at higher risk of major depression than those who give birth.