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Monthly archive: October 2007

31 October 2007

Bangladesh: Reduction in maternal mortality

This study aimed to assess the contribution of intervention strategies, such as skilled attendance at birth, to the recorded reduction in maternal mortality in Matlab, Bangladesh.

31 October 2007

USA: Multifetal pregnancy reduction

The purpose of this study was to examine changes in multifetal pregnancy reduction (MPR) procedures in 2000 cases and to evaluate evolving trends within the last 1000 MPRs.

31 October 2007

USA: Intimate partner violence in Bangladesh

This study set out to examine relations of intimate partner violence to unwanted pregnancy, miscarriage, induced abortion and stillbirth.

31 October 2007

Parliamentary committee publishes report on abortion

The Science and Technology Committee has set out its conclusions on scientific developments which should be considered in any new Parliamentary debate relating to the Abortion Act 1967.

26 October 2007

Commentary: 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act

Articles by Ann Furedi, Ellie Lee, Polly Toynbee and Janice Turner.

26 October 2007

MPs plan liberalisation of British abortion law

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is likely to boost attempts to make abortions easier, reports the Times (London).

25 October 2007

Abortion: What You Didn’t Need To See

The Channel 4 Dispatches documentary on late abortion and fetal pain was a gratuitous and confused mess, argues Stuart Derbyshire.

25 October 2007

Voice for Choice group proposes abortion law reforms

A consortium of pro-choice organisations has outlined its key campaigning objectives.

25 October 2007

‘Too many abortions’, say critics

Lord Steel, architect of the 1967 Abortion Act, and Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, writing in the Guardian and Observer respectively, raise concerns about the abortion rate.

22 October 2007

What sort of abortion law does Britain need today?

The barrister Barbara Hewson discusses the legal history of abortion, and the questions this raises for 2007.