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Monthly archive: June 2007

27 June 2007

BPAS responds to doctors’ vote on abortion

The British Medical Association (BMA) has voted in favour of easing access to abortion in the first trimester.

22 June 2007

USA: Vote on contraceptive aid ban

The US House of Representatives has voted to overturn a ban on aid to overseas groups practising abortion.

21 June 2007

Abortion debate? Bring it on

The law is out of date and in need of a comprehensive review - and those voting to change it need to be fully informed of the issues, argues bpas chief executive Ann Furedi in the Guardian.

21 June 2007

UK: Parliamentary Inquiry into abortion

The Science and Technology Committee has agreed to conduct an inquiry into scientific developments relating to the Abortion Act 1967.

19 June 2007

Abortion statistics show small but significant increase

The number of abortions carried out in England and Wales rose by 3.9% to 193,700 in 2006, official statistics show.

18 June 2007

USA: The effects of vasopressin injection on uterine artery blood flow during D&E

This study was undertaken to determine whether vasopressin decreases uterine artery blood flow and blood loss in early second-trimester surgical abortions (dilation and evacuation).

16 June 2007

Latin America: The use of methotrexate for early medical abortion

The objective of this study was to compare efficacy for four medical abortion regimens used in one clinic setting: (1) misoprostol alone, (2) oral methotrexate + buccal misoprostol, (3) oral methotrexate + vaginal misoprostol, and (4) intramuscular methotrexate + vaginal misoprostol.

15 June 2007

Advisory group warns of teenage ‘sexual health crisis’

A report by the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV claims teenagers are 'defining their lifestyle' through alcohol, drugs and risky sexual behaviour.

15 June 2007

MPs gear up for Parliament debate on abortion

Pro and anti-abortion MPs are preparing for the first full Parliament debate for 17 years on the 24 week limit, the BBC reported this week.

15 June 2007

Vatican turns on Amnesty International

The Vatican has urged all Catholics to stop donating money to Amnesty International, accusing the human rights group of promoting abortion.