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Monthly archive: May 2007

31 May 2007

Cardinal attacks Abortion Act

Scotland's most senior Roman Catholic has warned that Catholic politicians who defend abortion should not expect to remain full church members.

30 May 2007

Scotland: Statistics released for 2006

Official figures show a continuing rise in the number of abortions.

28 May 2007

Abortion film wins top prize

The Romanian film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days won the Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

25 May 2007

USA: Public split on abortion

A Gallup survey finds Americans divided between 'pro-choice' versus 'pro-life' labels - but with relatively few positioned at either extreme of the spectrum of beliefs.

25 May 2007

Australia: New pregnancy helpline criticised

The Australian Democrats have raised privacy concerns over a government-funded counselling helpline.

24 May 2007

Ireland’s Miss D: a ‘bizarre dispute’

The barrister Barbara Hewson reflects on how a teenager, pregnant with a fetus with no head, came to be forced into a legal battle over travelling for an abortion.

21 May 2007

Doctors’ website prompts reports about a ‘28-week abortion’

The Sunday Times on 20 May reported that a GP had expressed concerns, on a discussion website for doctors, about a patient whom he thought might have had a termination four weeks after the UK 'time limit'.

18 May 2007

UK abortion law may be amended

The Department of Health has published its draft of the Human Tissue and Embryos Bill, and amendments on abortion are likely to be permissible during debates in Parliament.

18 May 2007

UK: Government reviews contraceptive services

The Department of Health's baseline review provides 'a snap-shot of service provision'.

17 May 2007

Tory MP seeks mandatory counselling before abortion

Ann Winterton is to introduce a Private Member's Bill into the House of Commons on 5 June.