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Monthly archive: February 2007

28 February 2007

UK Life League activist loses free speech argument

A 'pro-life' campaigner has failed to have a conviction for sending pictures of aborted fetuses overturned.

14 February 2007

USA: Doctors’ judgements about controversial procedures

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that many physicians do not consider themselves obligated to disclose information about, or refer patients for, legal but morally controversial medical procedures.

13 February 2007

Portugal to legalise abortion

The Portuguese government has pledged to legalise abortion in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, after a clear majority in a referendum voted for that proposal.

13 February 2007

Survey shows prevalence of abortion

More than one woman in 10 who is married or in a long-term relationship has had an abortion, according to a survey commissioned by Schering Healthcare.

13 February 2007

Abortion clinics banned from Harley Street

Clinics offering abortions and cosmetic surgery have been banned from opening in the UK's most famous medical district.

12 February 2007

BMJ asks ‘Where do we draw the line?’

A feature article in the British Medical Journal usefully sums up the political movement around UK abortion law in the run up to the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act in October 2007.

12 February 2007

Forty years on: Why the abortion law still matters

By Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of bpas.

7 February 2007

Advance provision of emergency contraception leads to prompter usage, study finds

The results of a survey of women taking part in a trial evaluating methods of access to emergency contraception (EC) suggest that although over 90% consider it to be safe and effective, the convenience of access influences whether it is used promptly.

7 February 2007

Drug regulator considers over-the-counter sales of the Pill

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has discussed making the contraceptive pill available without a doctor's prescription.

7 February 2007

Post-Christmas abortions: A boozy blip?

Marie Stopes International has said that it performed a record number of UK abortions in January.